Correos Building Refurbishment

  • Date: 2014

  • Use: Cultural

  • Gross Floor Area: 9.202,50 m2

  • Estimated Construction Cost: 5.199.412,43

  • Stage: Developed/Technical Design

Project information

The Correos Building is an abandoned construction since 2010. It has an excellent location between the city center and its new area – Andalucia Avenue -, next to the Guadalmedina River and nearby the Alameda Avenue.

A thorough research into the existing property, as well as the analysis of its positive values – robust structure with 1x1m pillars, the Malaga’s sixth highest building, a relatively new construction – make us conclude that the Correos Building needs undoubtedly a refurbishment rather than a demolition.

That is why, Postigo Arquitectos propose a project focused on refurbishing the construction in a sustainable, economical, and eco-friendly way.

‘ECORREOS’ is the name of the project. Such scheme proposes a new use for the iconic building based on a cultural programme.

The idea is to gather within an only building the teaching of the principle cultural activities. The Correos Building is therefore turned into a cultural center in which a wide range of schools related to the art – concert hall, library and exhibition center. ‘Ecorreos’ becomes a space for the city and encourages inhabitants to the culture.

Besides, ‘Ecorreos’ proposes to extend the vegetation of the Alameda Avenue up to the Correos Building. The monotony and robustness of the existing building is minimised due to terraces on the construction corners, the air around is cleaned up by the new trees proposed, and covered terraces are designed for each school.

Regarding the systems of the construction, it is worth mentioning a recycling water system which allow the same water to be used for three different uses.

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