Skatepark projects

Postigo Arquitectos have known how to merge their passion for this urban sport into their professional career.

We are expertise in the skateboarding field, we know its techniques as well as the material resources needed to carry out such extreme sport. We have been to different sorts of skateparks around the globe, we have been practising it over two decades and we deepen into the details required to develop a skatepark.

Therefore, we have been involved in a wide range of skatepark constructions and are specialised to design them.

Skatepark Design

The construction of skateparks has become more necessary for society around the globe over the recent years. Public administrations are made aware of it, and they already begin to give solutions for such communal demand. New areas for skaters are being built in many towns and cities.

Postigo Arquitectos advise, design, and supervise the construction of skateparks in order to ensure its modules make its functions and allow the users to enjoy skateboarding.


Skate plaza Design

On many occasions, city centers have no areas to accommodate a skatepark. Urban areas have their own constraints, not only in terms of space, but also aesthetics.

Postigo Arquitectos bear in mind such restrictions and analyse the areas within the city center with more chances to turn into a place to be used coherently for skaters. We design projects for mix-used areas. Depending on the schedule, these areas can be only used for pedestrians or skate lovers. Such solution is regarded as hybrid and allow an area to keep its features as a square without generating troubles between pedestrians and skaters.

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