Building, refurbishment and extensión projects

Postigo Arquitectos thoroughly analyse the client’s necessities, bearing in mind their goals as well as adapting their initial budget.

We always suggest both aesthetic and functional improvements to the design proposed and idealised by the client. We listen to you so that it enables us to advise according to your taste and priorities.

We develop and manage all drawings and workpaper required to obtain the license granted.

Building projects

We work on a wide range of new-built construction schemes, no matter their scale or use. We deepen into the plot features on which the building will be erected with the objective of taking advantage of its upsides.


Refurbishment projects

We carry out a thorough research into the existing property and develop our projects considering its outcome, as well as the client’s preferences and necessities.

We always suggest ideas to improve the building through specific inexpensive alterations, but however, they turn the construction into a more pleasant, aesthetic, and comfortable space.


Extension projects

Our necessities and tastes change over the years. Our homes or offices can not adapt themselves to such necessities. A house with a large area or a significant number of bedrooms may well be too big for the foreseeable future. Therefore, Postigo Arquitectos thoroughly analyse this evolving procedure, and design strategies to enable the building to adapt itself to our new ways of live.

This sort of projects include the refurbishment of some rooms to gain more floor area or improve the construction as the internal layout has become obsolete.

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