We develop technical inspections for building and/or buildings evaluation reports.

As the regional law of urban planning establishes, owners of any kind of property must maintain them in good conditions in terms of health, safety, accessibility, as well as control its energy efficiency.

As the existing buildings or constructions must comply with these conditions, every council set building regulations which indicate how often an ITE/IEE must be elaborated. This is generally required for the 50 years old buildings or constructions.

On many occasions, the buildings need a refurbishment in terms of physical defects and/or sustainability. As a result of which, public administrations allow owners to apply for financial aids to carry out works which improve accessibility, energetic efficiency, among other aspects. The councils ask the owners for an IEE to be eligible for such financial aids

We carry out the inspection and take notes about the buildings with the aim of such constructions comply with the conditions mentioned above. We also detect potential defects and act according to them, preventing the owners from assuming expensive repairs, and offering the owners tranquillity.

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